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We envision a more just and accountable society free from corruption.

TransparencIT Wins 2022 World Justice Challenge

Our Trial Monitoring of Corruption Cases project won the 2022 World Justice Challenge’s Anti-Corruption and Open Government Award.

The World Justice Challenge is a global competition to identify, recognize and promote good practices and high-impact projects and policies that protect and advance the rule of law. Selected from a pool of 305 applicants from 118 countries, winners were among 30 World Justice Challenge finalists invited to showcase their groundbreaking work at the World Justice Forum.



Our Focus

We champion the rule of law and leverage innovative technologies to combat corruption within public institutions. We also provide training to young advocates and mobilize citizen support to actively promote good governance.

Justice and Rule of Law

Anti-Corruption and Service Delivery

Civic Engagement and Advocacy

Research and Policy Advisory


Explore our diverse collection of informative and engaging infographics visualizing complex data and simplifying intricate concepts on the rule of law, corruption and government services. They offer valuable insights and useful guides on various topics.

10 Aug

Nigeria Ranking in 2019 Basel Anti-Money Laundering Index

The susceptibility of money laundering and terrorist financing is increasing in Nigeria. The Basel Anti-Money Laundering Index rated...
20 Jul

Analysis of Lagos State Remote Court Sessions

Following the innovations in the Judiciary due to COVID-19 Pandemic and the decision of the Supreme Court of Nigeria to strike out suits...


We advance the rule of law, enhance service delivery and foster civic engagement through targeted programs implemented within the public and social sectors.


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30 Jun

Public Policy Dialogue Series

TransparencIT frequently engage stakeholders in the criminal justice sector, so far, we have successfully organized three Public Policy...
19 Feb

Open Justice Online Course

Our work at TransparencIT was recognized by The Governance Lab of New York University as a valuable vehicle that drives and strengthens...

Our Impact

Take a glance at our impact through to December 31, 2022.


People Reached (Offline/Online)


Corruption Cases Tracked


Public Service Issues Resolved


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Potential Frauds Prevented

Featured Publication

Civic Changemakers Fellowship:
2020 – 2022 Impact Report

This report highlights the impact of the Civic Changemakers Fellowship program for 2020-2022. It showcases our dedicated efforts in empowering the next generation of community champions and the demonstrated commitment and ingenuity of the fellows in tackling pressing social issues with passion and purpose to bring positive change and foster inclusive communities. The report unveils the stories of empowerment, innovation, and collaboration that have shaped the fellowship program.

Our Partners

Our remarkable accomplishments have been made possible through the invaluable support of our exceptional partners.