Who We Are

Transparency Information Technology Initiative, also known as TransparencIT, is a civic technology organization advancing citizen engagement and institutional reforms to facilitate social development in Nigeria. Launched in 2016, TransparencIT consistently use open datasets and tech tools to monitor the justice sector, demand social accountability and empower citizens with clear information on public services to promote judicial integrity, institutional reforms and active citizen participation.

The organization focuses on using new technologies to foster courtroom openness, data transparency, public engagement and social justice to improve the efficiency, effectiveness and legitimacy of public institutions to promote quality service delivery and an equitable society.

TransparencIT collaborates with relevant government authorities, non-governmental organizations and the media in evaluating the role(s) of stakeholders and identifying challenges in the fight against corruption and advancing social justice to recommend and push for actions that will reduce the susceptibility of corruption in the public sector and abuses against marginalized groups. TransparencIT is registered in Nigeria as a non-profit organization.

Our Vision

To build a more just and accountable society.

Our Mission

To use innovative technology to advance the rule of law and promote civic participation to facilitate social accountability and sustainable development for a more inclusive and equitable society.

Our Core Values