Subai’a Ibraheem,
Director of Anti-Corruption and Service Delivery

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Acts of corruption continuously deny citizens essential services of health, education, water and social welfare, among others. Corruption is Nigeria’s big obstacle to economic development and a barrier to breaking the vicious circle of poverty, which negatively impacts the well-being of society. TransparencIT exposes corruption and advocates for efficient public services by partnering with anti-corruption agencies and implementing robust measures to prevent and combat corruption at public institutions and create an environment where resources are allocated fairly and services are delivered without bias or undue influence.

To achieve this, we focus on enhancing the capacity of front-line service providers, promoting ethical behaviour, empowering citizens with information on public services and measuring service levels in public institutions. Through these concerted efforts, we have developed a user-friendly services guide portal, acting as a centralized resource of information on government services for more responsive public institutions that meet the needs of citizens efficiently and fairly.