Accelerating Justice Delivery

The trial monitoring of corruption cases program uses tech tools to improve the justice sector by making the workings of the judiciary easier to understand and scrutinize. It monitors court cases in compliance with the law to reduce delays in trials and improve efficiency while fostering courtroom openness, data transparency, and citizens’ participation in judicial processes.

The project has built an online database of corruption cases in Nigeria ( to be used as an effective instrument to enhance public and external scrutiny by providing information that helps citizens and stakeholders to track and map trends and patterns of prosecuting corruption cases in compliance with the law.

It also assesses the performance of key elements of the justice system, which serve as a vehicle to open justice, fight corruption, promote judicial reforms and uphold the right to a fair hearing.

Program Impact

Corruption cases tracked


Potential frauds prevented


Researchers supported with data

Participants at a workshop on Corruption Cases and the Administration of Criminal Justice Act 2015, discussing legal strategies and ethical considerations on the trial of corruption cases.