Advocating for the Rule of Law and Human Rights

The Civic Space Watch (CSW) program promotes and safeguards civil liberties and democratic values in Nigeria. The program monitors the arrest, detention and criminal trial of activists, journalists and citizens who are exercising their civil rights to provide insights into the violations and criminalization of freedom of expression, assembly, religion, belief, association, and participation in government and civic activities; offer valuable data into the extent to which individuals and organizations are affected; and ensure a fair trial for arrested activists, journos and citizens.

The program holds government and state actors accountable for their actions and policies that impede the exercise of fundamental rights and close the civic space. It is supported by the American Bar Association – Center for Human Rights and has developed a dashboard for tracking and visualizing data on human rights violations to provide policymakers and advocates with valuable insights for informed decision-making.

Program Impact

Human rights cases tracked


Dashboard developed


Police commands partners

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Explore the dashboard for insights on the arrest, detention and trial of activists, journos and citizens in Nigeria.