Improving Service Delivery

The Service Watch initiative empowers citizens with clear information on where and how to access public services using interactive formats. It also checks equipment of service delivery and malpractices of front-line service providers to control corruption.

The initiative also measures public service institutions on efficiency of services delivered based on citizens scorecard with the aim of exposing the depth of corruption in the institutions and providing citizens with information on where to get quality services in various sectors.

Project Highlights

Steps to Obtain Vehicle Plate Number

These are steps on how to obtain a vehicle plate number in Nigeria. The steps are applicable to both commercial and private vehicles.

Rights of Electricity Consumer 01

Do you know as electricity consumer you are entitled to at least 10 days notice, from the date of delivery of your bill, before disconnection. Send complaints of non-compliance to NERCNG and FCCPCNigeria.

Abuja – Kaduna Train Schedules and Ticket Prices

Are you making plans to use the train service? Check out TRAIN SCHEDULES and TICKET PRICES of Abuja to Kaduna trips. TICKET PRICES: First Class Express Trip: N3,000.00 First Class Normal Trip: N2,500.00 Economy Express Trip: N1,500.00 Economy Normal Trip: N1,300.00

How to retrieve your National Identification Number (NIN)

Dial *346# to retrieve your National Identification Number (NIN). The service will cost N20 and is currently available to AirtelNigeria and MTNNG phone numbers used during registration.

How To Obtain eYellow Card in Nigeria

Check out these simple five (5) steps on how to obtain the new eYellow Card in Nigeria. Note that all international travelers must be vaccinated against Yellow Fever at least 10 days before the expected date of travel.


Do you want to report corruption, fraud, cyber-crime or money laundering? Check out our simplified infographic to find EFCC office near you to submit your complaint. You can also report cases of corruption online via [email protected]

How To Renew Your Driver’s Licence

Do you know you can renew your driver’s licence from the comfort of your home by skipping the optional biometrics capture at the driver’s licence centre? Follow our simplified infographic on how to renew your driver’s licence. NOTE: Pay online to avoid middlemen and fraud.

How To Obtain A Driver’s Licence

Do you know the official driver’s license fee is N10,450 for 5 years and N6,350 for 3 years? Check out our simplified infographic on how to obtain your driver’s license. NOTE: You can report cases of fraud/bribery at the license office to ICPC and EFCC. Don’t encourage corruption by paying the unofficial fee.