Enhancing Service Delivery

The government services monitoring initiative empowers citizens with simplified information on where and how to access quality public services and checks processes and tools of public service delivery to control malpractices and corruption in delivering essential services to the citizens.

The initiative also measures public service institutions on the efficiency of services delivered based on citizens’ scorecards to expose the depth of corruption in the institutions and provide citizens with information on where to get quality services in various sectors.

Visit the services guides portal here: https://govservices.transparencit.com/

Nursing mothers and their babies at a Primary Healthcare Centre receiving essential vaccinations.
Program Impact

Public service issues resolved


Institutional partnerships


People reached (online/offline)

Effective monitoring of service delivery is the driving force of good governance that guides public institutions toward fulfilling their commitments to the citizens they serve. By tracking and assessing the quality and efficiency of services, we hold front-line service providers accountable and empower communities to demand better outcomes.