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Quality public services are important to the lives of citizens, but non-responsive service providers and corruption often hinders basic public service delivery in Nigeria. This project seeks to provide clear information about procedures of accessing public services, promote transparency and accountability in service delivery and connect public service providers in a way that they can react to poor service delivery and complaints.

The project use simple interactive infographics to empower citizens with information on where and how to access public services in areas of health, education, licensing, registrations, court, transportation, emergency services, library and security.

The service watch project also uses tech tools to check capacity, equipment, professionalism and ethics in public service institutions so as to engage relevant authorities for better service delivery. It also checks malpractices of front-line service providers to control corruption and collects feedback from both service providers and citizens on satisfaction with resources and public services.

Have you experienced any poor public service or corruption? Tell us about it and we will engage relevant authorities to fix the issue.

All reports submitted are analyzed by our team and treated safe and secure. We will not disclose or share your identity with anyone else. You can also submit your report anonymously by skipping name, e-mail and phone number fields.


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Public Service Performance Index (PSPI) is an indicator that score and rank public service institutions annually on efficiency of services delivered based on citizens score card. The Index also exposes the depth of corruption in institutions that provide public services and empower citizens with information on where to get efficient service delivery in various sectors. Additionally, stakeholders can relate the data, draw conclusions and make informed decisions for reforms.

Watch out for the 1st PSPI release!

TransparencIT is a civic tech drive working to control corruption and accelerate justice and service delivery by enhancing transparency and active citizenship.

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